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John L. Estrada

John Estrada2John Estrada is best known for his business approach in the Human Resources field, particularly with work in the leadership/executive coaching, career development and talent management arena. During the course of his career, he has been affiliated with Fortune 100 companies, as well as global organizations, and currently leads a successful human capital consulting practice. John’s previous employers and current clients always recognize and appreciate his extensive experience leading HR Global change initiatives, especially in HR design, ERP, and processes, successful work with mergers and acquisitions, and talent and leadership management expertise.

He has worked in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, education, energy, transportation, telecommunications, and services industries, consistently working people issues into value added solutions. John was also the lead consultant on successfully designing, implementing, and launching career centers in Florida and Illinois for a Fortune 50 company. Most recently he has utilized his college career counseling experience and extensive global experience in helping C-suite executives and individuals achieve their personal and career development aspirations, primarily in the technical and healthcare industries.

In addition to attending University of Oregon and working as a career counselor, he has numerous certifications in the area of diagnostics and assessments, all related to maximizing people performance in organizational structure and personal life in a global context. His experience and work in sales and marketing, combined with having lived and worked in a variety of countries, provides him with unique insights and understanding of human resource complexities and challenges. His business style has always been participative, goal oriented, while consistently learning and teaching from those around him.

A great interest and skill for John has been to work and learn in a variety of cultures, bridging concepts and ideas, identifying workable solutions for universal problems, and adding value to the individual or organization’s bottom line. He’s also an active member of HRMAC (Human Resources Management Association Chicago), and SHRM (Society of Human Resources Management), and currently resides in Arlington Heights, Illinois.